Safety and Standards Committee

The Safety and Standards Committee (SSC) develops and oversees the Safety Cultures and Safety Management Systems that are used by Airmanship Development Support Organizations (ADSOs) that have been approved by the SSC.  The SSC also sets and maintains the airmanship-qualification standards that are used by these organizations.


Capt. Richard Sternal serves as Chairman of the CFAE Safety and Standards Committee (SSC).  He has been flying for over 32 years. He recently retired from American Airlines after 22 years where he was a Captain for 12 years on the MD82/83 and the B727.  Capt. Sternal has over 11,000 hours total flight time with type ratings on the DC-9 and B-727. He has also flown Twin Otters and Skyvans in Alaska.
He is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFIA, CFII and MEI). Capt. Sternal has a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado and an MBA from George Mason University.  He has worked as an Aerospace Engineer for Boeing and Sperry Flight Simulation.  He currently serves the general manager of GLASS Simulator Center at Aurora Airport.