Capt. H. David Greenberg

Dave Greenberg photo 030511

Capt. H. David Greenberg has been actively and enthusiastically engaged in military and civil aviation for over forty-seven years.  His first solo flight lifted off from Cincinnati’s Lunken Field, an airport that figured in Ernest Ghann’s book, “Fate is the Hunter”. On active duty with the USAF, he trained military pilots during the buildup for the war in Viet Nam. Thereafter, overlapping the early years as a pilot with Delta Air Lines, he flew tanker and attack aircraft with the National Guard and Air Force Reserve.

During the latter years of a twenty-eight year career with Delta, as Vice President, Flight Operations, he played a key role in implementing the training and standardization required to achieve and preserve operational integrity as the airline grew to maturity.

Following retirement from Delta, as founder and principal of Compass Group, Ltd. Aviation Consulting and Development and as Executive VP, Operations for Korean Air, he has successfully communicated the focus and methodology essential to create and sustain a safety culture in all phases of aviation.

Capt. Greenberg acquired a Bachelors Degree from the University of Cincinnati, an MBA from Northwestern Graduate School of Management [Kellogg] and a JD from John Marshall School of Law.