Capt. David C. Koch


Capt. David C. Koch serves as the Center For Airmanship Excellence Executive Director.  He has been a personal flyer for over 55 years and an aerospace-industry professional for over 48 years.  He has extensive experience as a professional pilot and an aviation manager/consultant.  He has many aviation-related entrepreneurial ventures to his credit.

He flew for United Airlines for over 22 years (1968 – 1990) and for the U.S. Army National Guard for over 13 years (1967 – 1980).  He has also served as a chief pilot and flight-department manager for 2 corporate flight departments and he was the chief pilot for a Part 135 charter operation.  Capt. Koch has been an FAA Certified Flight Instructor since 1965.  He has taught numerous personal flyers to fly and he served as an FAA-designated Training Center Evaluator for the world’s largest corporate-pilot-training organization. He has owned 8 private aircraft including 2 Stearman biplanes, 2 Aeronca Champs, a Cessna 177 and a Cessna 337P.  His total flight time exceeds 18,000 hours.

Capt. Koch has served in the following aerospace-industry-related capacities: Special Assistant to the president of United Airlines for Space Shuttle acquisition, Founding National Chairman of the American Society of Aero Space Pilots (ASAP), Chairman of the Publicity Committee of the Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Founding President of the Houston Chapter of the Aviation/Space Writers Association (AWA), Founding Chairman of the Air Line Pilots Association Professional Outlook Committee (ALPA—United Airlines), Founding Chairman of the United Pilots Buyout Committee, Founding Chairman of Houston Space Week, CEO of Aerospace International Companies, CEO of AvWorld Public Charters, CEO of Allstates Aviation, CEO of Apollo Skysails, CEO of Cloud 9 Air Travelers Club, CEO of AvWorld FliteMatrix and the Managing Trustee of The Aerospace Trust. 

Capt. Koch currently serves on the Aviation Board of Advisors for Kishwaukee College and the FAA Wings Industry Advisory Committee.  He also serves as a volunteer FAA Safety Team representative.  He is the author of 2 aviation-related books:  “A Personal Flyer’s Guide to More Enjoyable Flying” and “False Security:  The Real Story About Airline Safety”.