Personal Flyer Portal

If you are currently a Personal Flyer (You use a private airplane for recreational purposes and/or for your business and/or personal mobility needs.), this is your entry portal to the world of Personal Flying 2.0 and Airmanship 2.0. If you dropped out of personal flying and are thinking about renewing your passion for flight, this entry portal is also for you. You’ll discover how much personal flying has changed for the better with the advent of Personal Flying 2.0 and Airmanship 2.0.  The below flightplan will efficiently take you on a journey of exploration through this new world of personal flying. It is suggested that you follow the flightplan by visiting each of the waypoints in sequence.

Waypoint 1:  Airmanship 2.0.  At this waypoint, you will discover a better way to fly personal aircraft that is safer, more efficient, more affordable and more enjoyable. Airmanship 2.0 adapts the way airline pilots fly to personal flying. You’ll learn how you can really fly like a  pro.

Waypoint 2:  Personal Airmanship Development Plan.  Your visit to this waypoint will explain why it’s important for you to have a Personal Airmanship Development Plan, how to develop one and how to implement it.

Waypoint 3:  Airmanship Development Support Organization Demonstrator.  The briefing at this waypoint will explain how you can become part of a leading-edge personal-flying organization that supports your practice of Airmanship 2.0.

Destination:  Join an Airmanship Development Support Organization.  When you reach your destination, you will find an invitation to apply to become a member in an Airmanship Development Support Organization.


Cirrus with man on wing