Aspiring Aviator Portal (orig)

If you want to learn to fly for recreation and/or your business and personal mobility needs, or if you dropped out of learning to fly and would like to complete your training, this is your portal to the world of Personal Flying 2.0.  Each waypoint in the below  flightplan will open a window for you on a topic that is directly related to learning to fly and using private airplanes for your business and personal mobility needs.  It is suggested that you follow the flightplan by visiting each of the waypoints in sequence.

Waypoint 1: Personal Flying 2.0. Your visit to this waypoint will show you how personal flying has changed over the past few years. It is now much more accessible and affordable and it can be even safer than flying on the airlines.

Waypoint 2:  Learning To Fly.  You are going to learn to fly only once. You, your loved ones and many others will be relying on your ability to safely fly a personal aircraft.  So, you need to learn how to do it right. The discussion at this waypoint focuses on the best way to learn to fly.

Waypoint 3:  Airmanship 2.0. At this waypoint, you will learn what it means to be an excellent airman or airwoman, how to achieve that blissful state and how to maintain your airmanship knowledge and skills at a level that is comparable to that of modern airline pilots.

Waypoint 4: Personal Airmanship Development Plan. Your visit to this waypoint will explain why it’s important for you to have a Personal Airmanship Development Plan, how to develop one and how to implement it.

Waypoint 5:    Airmanship Development Support Organization Demonstrator.  The briefing at this waypoint will explain how you can become part of a leading-edge personal-flying organization that supports your practice of Airmanship 2.0.

Destination:  Join an Airmanship Development Support Organization.  When you reach your destination, you will find an invitation to apply to become a member in an Airmanship Development Support Organization.