Personal Flying 2.0 Quiz 2

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1. Over the past decade, personal flying has made great strides in affordability, accessibility, capability and safety.

2. The lessons you learn while learning to fly the Airmanship 2.0 way will not only serve you well for the rest of your flying career, they will also provide you with new knowledge and skills that can be applied in other areas of your life.

3. The Center For Airmanship excellence uses the term “Airmanship 2.0” as shorthand for how airmen should now fly their aircraft in the personal flying environment.

4. As a practitioner of Airmanship 2.0, you will create and maintain a Personal Airmanship Development Plan.

5. The Center For Airmanship Excellence (CFAE) believes it is impossible to practice Airmanship 2.0 without the support of an Airmanship Development Support Organization (ADSO).