Personal Flying 2.0 Quiz 3

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1. I realize that I owe it to my family, my friends and my business associates to "fly right" if I'm going to learn to fly.

2. Airmanship 1.0 describes the way virtually all personal flyers fly today, and Airmanship 2.0 describes how airline and military pilots approach flying today.

3. Airmanship 2.0 encourages aviators to fly modern aircraft with all available safety devices when able.

4. Airmanship 2.0 includes comprehensive initial, upgrade and recurrent training.

5. I believe that I should practice Airmanship 2.0 because it will provide my personal flying with a safety net.

6. I believe that I can get what I need to support my practice of Airmanship 2.0 by joining an Airmanship Development Support Organization (ADSO).

7. I want to have a Personal Airmanship Development Plan.

8. I like the idea of having a personal Mentor Pilot.