Flight Plan 2 Departure Portal



Welcome! Congratulations on successfully completing Personal Flying 2.0 Quiz 1.  You have earned access to Flight Plan 2



Flight Plan 2 includes this departure point, five waypoints and a destination. As you learned in your briefing for Flight Plan 1, aviators usually navigate by flying from the point of departure to a series of GPS waypoints (checkpoints) that lead to the aviator’s destination.  Flight Plan 2 includes the following elements: 

Departure Point:  This is where you are now.

Waypoint 1 Center For Airmanship Excellence White Paper—Personal Flying 2.0.

Waypoint 2 Center For Airmanship Excellence White Paper Learning To Fly The Airmanship 2.0 Way. 

Waypoint 3 Center For Airmanship Excellence White Paper Airmanship 2.0.

Waypoint 4 Center For Airmanship Excellence White Paper Personal Airmanship Development Plan.

Waypoint 5 Center For Airmanship Excellence White Paper Airmanship Development Support Organization.

Destination:  This flight plan will lead you to your destination—a more thorough understanding of Personal Flying 2.0.  At your destination, you’ll be offered the chance to qualify to proceed to Flight Plan 3 by completing a short quiz on your Personal Flying 2.0 knowledge.


If you’re ready, it’s time to continue your journey of discovery.

Click on the below ENTER button and you will proceed directly to Flight Plan 2 – Waypoint 1.

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